My Top 10 Favorite Blogs To Follow

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Over the years I have come to enjoy reading many blogs. Some of them have great tips on whatever my interests happen to be, and amazing pictures to drool over. I’ve narrowed down my top 10 favorite blogs that I follow and have come to love.

Good blogs with quality content that leave an impression can be inspiring. Here are 10 female blogs that you should start following today.

Blogging isn’t an easy journey. I never really knew this before I got started. These ladies have been on this blogging journey for years and I have followed them all for a while. They all inspire me in their own way and have incredible talent.

The Top 10 Blogs I Follow and Recommend

1. Anchored Women

I absolutely love this blog. Kayse Pratt has a love for God that is contagious. She gets how hard mom life can be and speaks to moms of all ages and seasons of life. I love her advice and encouragement when it comes to intentional rest and time in God’s Word.

Kayse has created several valuable resources to help busy moms keep the crazy contained including the S.O.S. Planner and the Anchored Life Kit. I have used the S.O.S. Planner for years and it has been such a useful tool to keep me organized.

The Anchored Life Kit is full of home organization tips, cleaning checklists and delicious recipes. I encourage you to check out this site and see for yourself why it’s one of my favorite blogs to follow.

2. Our Home made easy

If you are a busy working mom who wants to make your home look amazing without a lot of time, I strongly recommend you go straight to Our Home Made Easy. Brittney has an amazing sense of style and decorating and offers a lot of tutorials for DIY home projects. The pictures of her home are gorgeous!

3. Money Saving mom

You may have already heard of Crystal Paine but if you haven’t, she is one of the greatest pioneers of blogging.

She was actually the first blogger I followed back in 2014. I actually stumbled upon her back in the day when Facebook would show so and so “likes this page”.

Crystal promotes crazy good deals on her site as well as offers a variety of ways to save money on certain items.

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More than just a money blogger, Crystal also encourages her readers to grow in their relationship with Jesus and trust Him in times of uncertainty.

Some of my favorite courses from Money Saving Mom are Make Over Your Mornings, Make Over Your Evenings, and Slash Your Grocery Bill.

4. living well spending less

Ruth Soukup is another pioneer of blogging. She has trained over 10,000 students in blogging. She is a brilliant teacher if you are looking to start a blog of your own.

But, she also gives awesome tips on how to streamline home management, meal planning, time management and more.

What I love about Ruth is her no nonsense, “get it done” approach to life. She offers a “swift quick in the pants” to help you reach your goals.

Whether that is starting a business of your own, paying off debt, or getting your home in order, you will be sure to leave feeling pumped up after reading Living Well Spending Less.

5. The American Patriette

Oh my goodness y’all, if you love to entertain and make special meals for your guests, you will love The American Patriette.

Mari has a way of not only making her home beautiful for guests but she adds such special touches to her dishes. I have made some of her chili and salsa recipes, and I can’t wait to try her baked goods.

The importance of family meal time and gathering are woven throughout her site. I guarantee you will fall in love with this beautiful blog.

6. Arabah Joy

If you are looking for a way to dig into God’s Word, Arabah Joy will have you covered. This woman knows the Word and she can teach! Her Bible studies make you think and consider how to apply your knowledge to your everyday life.

What I love about AJ’s blog is that there is no fluff, it’s is all rich content. She has years of ministry experience but her teaching is practical. She teaches you how to be a student of God’s Word, and gives you the tools to dig in for yourself and that is why I it is on my list of top 10 blogs I follow.

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7. Just A Girl and her blog

I started reading Just A Girl And Her Blog a couple of years ago because Abby’s home organization tips are awesome. Prior to following her I never thought my pantry would look so good!

She also has beautiful before and after photos of her home DIY projects that are very inspiring. Abby has a great deal of posts on starting a blog and has been a great resource for me in getting Simply Grace Today off the ground.

8. Simple Made Pretty

If you are a crafter, you will love Simple Made Pretty I love how Melanie uses a lot of items from the Dollar Store and makes them beautiful as a craft. If you are looking inexpensive gifts to make or ways to decorate your home, I highly recommend that you check out her site.

9. The intentional Mom

Okay y’all, this woman has it together! Jennifer Roskamp at The Intentional Mom shares mom life of 9 kids and how to balance all the things. Yes! You read that right…9 kids.

I don’t know how she does it, but if she gives any advice you better believe that I am going to take it. She writes from experience.

She also has several e-courses that teach you how to spend less on groceries and keep your home tidy as a busy mom.

10. start a mom blog

Finally, on my list of top 10 favorite blogs to follow is Start A Mom Blog. Suzy Whitford offers reasonably priced courses on how to create a successful blog. I appreciate her spunk and how valuable and easy it is to implement what she teaches. She has also been very responsive when I have emailed her in the past about a question.

Well, there you have it- my top 10 favorite blogs that I follow.

What are your favorite blogs? Let’s give them a shout out in the comments!

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs To Follow


Need some inspiration in your life? I've put together the top 10 of my favorite female blogs that you can start following today.

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