How to Make Friends as a Working Mom

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Are you in a season of life where you crave lasting friendships but it seems so hard to make friends as a working mom? Wondering where to even start? It can be hard to make connections with other women when we feel like we are always on empty. In this post, I will share some practical ways to make friends as a working mom, even if you are running on empty.

With everything us mamas juggle, do you find you’ve barely got anything left to give? I understand. But I want to encourage you to make this a priority in your life.

You see, as working moms, it’s so easy to get laser-focused on the day to day responsibilities, that we neglect our relationships. We all need friends to come alongside us in the good times and in the hard times. You never know when you will be in a season of life where you will need extra support. And, you never know when someone else will walk through difficult times and need you to be strong for them.

Whether it’s to be our cheerleader or give us that kick in the pants we need to reach our goals, good friends are essential to a well-balanced life. Here are some tips to help you make friends as a working mom and create lasting relationships.

how to make friends as a busy mom

Look for People to Meet

Some of the greatest opportunities us working moms have to make lasting friendships is right under our nose. Work, sports, church, school, and gym classes are some of the best places I have met friends.

Some of my dearest friends are the ones that I work with. The sports team that your kids play on, or their school, can be a great way to meet people.

I have a very good friend that I met when her husband was coaching our boys in soccer. That was eight years ago and we are still friends to this day.

Another good friend and I met when we were picking up our boys from after-school care. We realized we shared a few things in common and have now been friends for over 5 years.

I may not see these wonderful ladies as often as I’d like to, but I know I can send them a simple text asking to get together and it will happen. And when we do meet up, it is like no time passed at all. We typically talk until the place shuts down.

You never know who needs YOU in their life!

Lose the Mom Guilt

Now before you tune me out, let me just say this: Mom guilt has to stop right here, right now. If you are ever going to be open to the friendships your heart craves, you have to lose the Mom guilt.

YOU are very deserving of quality friendships, and your kids need to see you with good friends in your space. By doing so, they too will learn to prioritize their relationships.

Yes, it may take you away from your family at times. There may be evenings where you do not have dinner with your family because you are enjoying a meal with a friend. That is okay! They will be okay!

I want you to trust me on this Mama, friendships are not just another thing to do. They are precious and should not be taken for granted.

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Push Past Insecurities and Previous Disappointments

I get it! Meeting new people can be really awkward, especially if you are an introvert. But sometimes we tend to base future relationships on past disappointments and hurt.

Can I encourage you today to remove those lenses and be vulnerable?

Closing people off because of what someone did to you in the past will only hurt you! Let me say that again…closing people off because of what someone did to you in the past will only hurt you!

It is time for you to start letting some of those walls down and let people in. Move at your own pace, but start taking those steps to put yourself out there. You will be so glad you did.

Sometimes You Have to be the One to Make the First Move to make friends as a working mom

As I mentioned before, meeting new people can be very awkward. Here is where I am going to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Yep, no more sitting on the sidelines waiting for people to come to you.

Guess what? Most often than not, people will not approach you!! Why? Because they are just as scared as you, just as insecure as you! But, deep down inside, they are also longing for good friends also, just like you.

Next time you are at one of your kid’s activities, look around and see who you can say “Hi” to. You can start by asking, “Which one is yours?” or “Have your kiddos been playing this sport (or other activity) long?”

You never know where that conversation can lead. You might also be surprised at how much you have in common with her.

And, remember this- you don’t have to go to a fancy, expensive restaurant or and elaborate weekend away. A simple cup of coffee at Starbuck’s will work.

Shoot, if you’ve got to run to Target, take your friend with you and visit with her while you shop if you have to.

Get creative, but just don’t be afraid to be the first to ask. You never know what she is thinking. She may need a friend as well.

remember that good friendships take time to grow

Nurturing your relationships is a lifetime commitment. When you find a friend that you enjoy being with, nurture that friendship. Grow it. Water it. Be patient with it.

Know that because she is human, there will be times she will let you down. It will happen. And, you will let her down.

But that is life and as long as we are human, we will have disagreements. Respectfully acknowledge your differences and enjoy what makes her a great friend.

I want to challenge you sweet mama! Don’t believe the lie that you can’t make friends as a working mom. Let’s make friendships more of a priority in our lives. You won’t regret it!

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