How To Live In The Forgiveness Of God (and let go of guilt and shame)

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Do you ever feel that your sin is too big for God to forgive? Are you burdened with guilt and shame over past sins? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you have come to the right place. I want to share with you how you can live each day in the forgiveness of God.

It seems as though we are often reminded of past mistakes. We could be going about our day, living our life, when BAM! There it is. Another reminder of that thing we did way back when, or just yesterday for that matter.

It happens to all of us, no matter how great the sin, or how little the sin. When guilt creeps in, it can paralyze us for days, weeks, and even years. Guilt over sin can keep us from living the life that God calls us to.

Friend, let me reassure you of this today, if you have confessed your sin to God with a heart of repentance, you are forgiven! It does not matter what you’ve done, you are forgiven. Yes, there are consequences to sin, but that does not mean that God holds your sin over your head.

If you have unconfessed sin in your life and have not asked God to forgive you, with a heart of repentance pray this prayer:

God, I confess that what I did was wrong (name your sin here), and I am sorry. I know that it hurt You and I do not want sin to stand in the way of my relationship with You. Thank you for your work on the cross, Jesus, so I can live in your forgiveness. I praise you for the victory I have over sin. Amen.

That’s it. You’re forgiven, friend!

The number one job of the devil, your enemy, is to keep you feeling guilty over past sins. He does this so that you will not move forward in your walk with the Lord. He will keep you circling that mountain, around and around, until you question your forgiveness. Friend, you don’t have to live like that!

How Do I Live In Forgiveness?

1. get in god’s word daily

Getting into God’s Word each day will guard your heart and mind against the evil lies of the enemy. The Bible says in John 10:10 that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But Jesus came to give life.

The life that Jesus came to give does not keep you in condemnation (Romans 8:1). The life that Jesus came to give is freedom.

I cannot encourage you enough to be rooted in God’s Word. Knowing the truths about what God says about you in the Bible is what will sustain you when your feelings tell you otherwise. This leads us to the next point.

2. trust what the bible says and not your feelings

Our feelings are so wishy-washy. They can be dependent on several factors like lack of sleep, hunger, hormones, excess caffeine, or what kind of day we are having.

That is why our feelings cannot be trusted. One day you can feel up and the next day, down again.

But the Bible is constant. It does not change! And you can take to the bank what it says about the forgiveness of God.

The Bible says in 1 John 1:9 that “if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

I love how God doesn’t just forgive us once or twice. He forgives us from all unrighteousness. There is no 3 strikes and you’re out rule with Him. God is always faithful to forgive!

3. recognize the lies of the enemy

We now know that according to John 10:10, that the devil is out to destroy! His biggest playground is in your mind. He continues to keep you distracted and make you believe that you cannot live in God’s forgiveness.

Once you have the truth of God’s Word hidden deep in your heart, you will be able to recognize the lies that the enemy tries to throw at you. Ephesians 6:11 tells us to put on the whole armor of God so that we can withstand the schemes of the devil.

Girl, what I say to you today is this: SUIT UP! Get that armor on daily!

If you struggle with doubting that you are forgiven by God, know that you are not alone. I highly encourage you to start your day off reading Ephesians 6: 10-20 each day.

I hope that this has been an encouragement to you. If you would for me to pray for you, please email me at and let me know. I’d be more than happy to pray for you to live each day free in the forgiveness of God.

How To Live In The Forgiveness Of God (And Let Go Of Guilt And Shame)

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