How to Get Your Piles of Laundry Under Control

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Do you feel like your laundry is never ending? It seems to come out of nowhere and just when you think you are caught up, it sneaks it’s ugly face again. What if I told you that laundry doesn’t have to become an endless monster? Better yet, what if I told you that you don’t have to do laundry by yourself? I can’t promise it will be perfect, but it will get done! Here are some quick and fail-proof ways to get your piles of laundry under control.

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How Can I Get Caught Up On All the Piles of Laundry?

With four people in our house laundry piles up easily. And that’s just four people. Many of my friends have more than two kids and some are younger than ours.

But, honestly whether you live alone or have a very large family, laundry can easily pile up if not tended to.

Through the years I have tried doing all of the laundry in one day. And, I’ve also tried the “do one load a day” method.

But what I found frustrating about both methods is that it was always me doing the work.

The idea isn’t to add more work for yourself but to get everyone in the house involved in laundry responsibilities. Ready to see how you can get your piles of laundry under control? Read on!

Every Member of the House Gets a Basket

Whether there are two of you or ten of you in your household, everybody gets their own laundry basket. You can make this fun and let your kids choose their own color basket.

The whole idea here is that everyone owns the laundry, not just mom!

As soon as the laundry comes out of the dryer it gets put in the individual’s basket.

If you have done laundry for multiple people in one load, dump it on the bed and sort it into the right basket.

Each member of the house is responsible for putting away the laundry in their own basket. With everyone pitching in, you can be sure to get your laundry under control.

laundry piles

If Your Child Can Walk They Can Put Away Their Own Laundry

Now, before you tune me out, let me explain. Very young kids love to be helpers. What better way to start teaching them that mom is not the only one responsible for laundry.

If you want to set your kids up for success in owning their laundry, they are NEVER too young to learn. But let me warn you, you cannot expect perfection.

You must be okay with your little one basically shoving their clothes in a drawer. That is all you are going to get at this point.

And that is okay! You are teaching them to put their clothes away. Make it simple for them.

You can even call it the “Tame the Laundry Monster” game.

Use the last drawer of your child’s dresser for their most commonly worn clothes. Use rewards your child loves to continue to instill this responsibility.

Use Your Towels More Than Once and Get Your Piles of laundry Under Control

We have a two day towel rule in our home. Some families may be able to get away with more than two days, but with Texas humidity, two is most realistic.

Let’s face it, you use your towel to dry yourself off once your are CLEAN.

Resist the temptation to leave it on the floor after use.

Rather, hang it up as soon and your are dried off so it can air dry and be ready for the next time you need it. It’s a simple step but believe me you’ve just done yourself a favor.

Throw a Load in the Wash Before Bed

This is multi-tasking at its finest. You sleep, wake up, and switch over to the dryer. Easy-peasy!

I get that it sits overnight in the washing machine, but I promise you that once it hits the dryer, you will never know.

Trust me on this, I have never been told I smell and I do this ALL of the time.

The first thing I do when my morning coffee is brewing is switch over the laundry.

By the time I am done with my shower and hair and make-up are done, so is the dryer.

Multi-task When Folding Laundry

Looking for some time to listen to an audiobook or a podcast? Why not do it when you are folding laundry. Need to catch up with a friend or parent? Try putting those ear pieces in and talk and fold.

You could also do what I do…put on a Hallmark movie, light a candle and lock yourself in your room (of course, make sure the kids are safe). I

laundry 101

I’ve come to look forward to folding laundry, it’s a mini-mental check out and I feel quite productive after.

Multi-tasking is a quick fix to get your piles of laundry under control.

Use Cold Water and Throw it All In

I know that some of you may not agree with me on this one, but honestly this is what works for my family.

Unless you have an outfit that needs special care, forgo the darks and lights pile and throw it all in there.

Make sure that you are washing your clothes on cold.

You will also need to be sure that your dark items have been washed separately a few times to make sure any residual dye has been washed out.

Once you have you are good to go.

What ways are you keeping your laundry under control.

How Can I Get Caught Up On All the Piles of Laundry?


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