7 Simple Steps to Keep Clutter Off Of Your Kitchen Counters

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Keeping kitchen countertops clean does not come easy. It seems like countertops become the catch all for mail, bills, kid’s schoolwork, and anything else that you come home with. To help combat that clutter, I’ve put together a list of 7 simple steps to keep clutter off of your kitchen counters.

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Most days, I can start off with clean kitchen countertops but by the end of the day, it’s over. It is amazing how just a few things can clutter up the kitchen.

Now, I am not saying that you can’t live life in your own home.

But I am a firm believer that if you keep your countertops clutter free, you are keeping your mind clutter free. That really goes for any surface too, not just in your kitchen.

How Do I Keep My Kitchen Countertops Free of Clutter

These simple tips, if implemented everyday, can keep your countertops clutter free and save you the headache of doing a major clean up job in the long run.

1. choose 1-2 small appliances to keep out and store the rest

If you do not have a lot of cabinet space in your kitchen, then store only 1-2 small appliances. Really consider what is necessary and what you routinely use. If you have a small kitchen appliance that you have not used in over a year, then it may be time to part ways with it.

I will be the first to admit I love me some small kitchen appliances.

In all, I have 2 slow cookers, a pressure cooker, George Foreman grill, blender, food processor, stand mixer, bread maker, yogurt maker, ice tea maker, Keurig, coffee maker, and an air popcorn maker.

Yes, I realize I might have a bit of a problem. But the kitchen is my happy place and I am grateful that I have a kitchen with a lot of storage space.

But that was not always the case. When my husband and I first got married, our kitchen was this size of a closet and we were literally putting our pantry items in the closet. All we had space for at that time was a few cooking pans and a coffee maker.

If you are a small kitchen appliance lover like me, and you absolutely must keep them, you may need to get creative where you store them. Keep your kitchen counters clutter free by limiting your “chef toys” to only 1 or 2, store the rest.

small kitchen appliance clutter

2. limit decorations to those that serve a purpose and keep your kitchen countertops clutter free

Decorations on kitchen counters can easily get out of hand. Gadgets and trinkets take up space and contribute to the clutter.

Things like candles, a napkin holder, utensil holder, or a wine rack can be decorative in nature but also serve a functional purpose.

Have you ever seen those TLC programs where a persons family member has to intervene because their loved one is a hoarder?

That may be an extreme, but seriously, too many decorations can make your kitchen chaotic and counter-productive (no pun intended). You see, all that clutter on kitchen counters take up needed space to actually cook and prepare food.

My kitchen truly is my happy place, but when it’s a mess, it is the last place I want to be. Don’t let too many decorations make your kitchen counters look messy.

3. declutter kitchen counters by storing cookbooks elsewhere

Displaying your cookbook collection on your kitchen counter space not only makes it cluttered, but it also takes up useful cooking space.

If there is one or two that are very special to you, you may want to consider a book display holder and store the rest in the pantry or on your bookshelf. Don’t give up practicality and lose valuable space.

You can consider online recipe books and ebooks that will give you your valuable kitchen storage space back.

4. clean out kitchen cabinets to free up storage space

Freeing up cabinet space is practical way to keep your countertops clutter free. Making space for things that can overwhelm your kitchen may be an all day project but it will be worth it.

Minimizing what you put on your countertops will refresh your kitchen and give you more space needed to cook.

Additionally, cleaning out your cabinets will help you identify what you have and you may be surprised at what you have hidden away.

You just might find a love for being in the kitchen with your newly discovered (or rediscovered) treasures.

5. load the dishwasher shortly after finishing meals

It’s easy to get distracted by other things after eating meals. But, if you can keep up with loading the dishes soon after eating, your kitchen will not be as cluttered.

Besides, by doing this you are actually saving time down the road by preventing having to scrub dried on food.

clutter-free kitchen countertops

Get your kids involved in the clean process. Your kids can take turns loading and unloading or assign the chore by a week at a time.

6. wipe down kitchen countertops before going to bed

Several years ago, I started getting up at 5:30am each morning. One of the best motivators to getting up early is when I make my morning coffee, my kitchen is clean.

On those nights when I’ve gone to bed with a dirty kitchen, I am not as eager to roll out of bed.

Besides, it drives me a little bonkers when I put my morning coffee cup down and the countertop is sticky…maddening!!

7. eliminate paper piles and declutter kitchen counters for good

Paper piles seem to easily dominate countertops. Sometimes, it is easier to stack the mail on the kitchen counter and get to it later.

Before you know it, you have envelopes and store ads piled up and have become useless or expired. Declutter kitchen counters by throwing out unnecessary mail as soon as you walk in the door.

Limit opportunities for paper clutter to overtake your countertops.

Identify a secure place for your important papers to be stored. This way, the next time you need that important receipt for a major purchase you will know exactly where you put it.

Taking the time to do all of these steps everyday will help with the clutter overwhelm. All it takes is one or two days and that clutter can easily creep in. If you stay on top of it, the kitchen just might become your favorite room in the house.

How Do I Keep My Kitchen Countertops Free of Clutter


Don't let clutter take over your kitchen. Here are 7 easy ways to keep your kitchen countertops decluttered.

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