3 Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Cool Mom

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We’ve all seen those movies where one kid says to another “Dude, your mom is so cool!” Can I just tell you today, right now, my kid’s friends will likely never say that about me. And guess what? I don’t want them to. In this post I am sharing 3 reasons why I will never be a cool mom, and why I am okay with that.

Motherhood is hard work. I will always  to my best to parent my kids well. But one thing I will never be is cool, and I'm good with it. Motherhood | Christian parenting | raising Godly kids

(Please know that this a is faith-based post and is written from a Christian perspective. For my readers who do not share the same faith or beliefs, you are always more than welcome to read and enjoy any content on this site.)

Now before you tune me out and right me off as a June Cleaver, believe me, I am not. I couldn’t be more opposite. But, I have a strong conviction that my job as a mom is not to be cool. My job is to point my kids to Christ and sometime that does not look cool.

Often times, it is hard to go against cultural norms. Especially when this means you do not allow your kids to do things that other parents would.

Please know that this does not come from a place of judgement or condemnation. As parents, we all have our own convictions on what we allow or don’t.

I also don’t want to come across as being ultra strict. I believe that a tendency toward ultra-strictness more often then not results in rebellion.

I’ve seen this play out many times growing up in church and in a Christian home.

I believe that the purpose of parenting is not to raise good citizens who are caring and loving toward other humans. With my whole heart, I believe that the purpose of parenting is to help lead our children to Christ who will in turn advance the Kingdom of God.

We must view our parenting through the lens of eternity! We were created to be in fellowship with God. And as parents, it is our responsibility, along with the help of the Holy Spirit to guide our kids into that fellowship.

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As parents we cannot take 100% responsibility for their decisions and actions, but we can give them the best example we can.

Now let me confess, I don’t always get this right. God, in His infinite grace, forgives my shortcomings. I thank Him for that!

Here is where the not so cool mom part comes in. With an understanding that my role as a parent is to lead my kids to Jesus, the decisions I make as a mom must align with that.

Why I Am Okay With Not Being A Cool Mom

1. I am not called to be my child’s friend

I love hanging out and being goofey with my kids. Spending quality time together helps to strengthen the bond between my kids and I. It also lets them know that they can always be open with me and share whatever struggles they are going through.

But, I’m their mom, not their bestie. When play time is over, we clean up. We still go to bed at the time we are supposed to. And if chores are not done they get told “No” for things they want. They may not like me for this, and it is those times that we encourage them to have a conversation with God about that!

2. eternal perspective is more important than temporary approval

There are times when we don’t let our kids do certain things with friends if we have concerns that those friends will have a negative influence on them. If we notice that one of our kids’ attitude seems to change whenever they are around a certain kid, the radar goes up and Mama is tuned in.

If this pattern continues, there is a real good chance that my kid will not be allowed to hang out with the other kid. Again, I am not judging the other child.

I am trying to protect my child from a relationship that can alter the course they are on towards Christ. Eventually, they will need to make these decisions for themselves.

As parents we are not called to be friends with our kids. Here are 3 reasons why I will never be a cool mom. Parenting | Christian motherhood | raising Godly kids

I am certainly not cool mom when I don’t let my kids do things they want to with people that can negatively influence them. But, as I mentioned before, my focus is eternity, not the approval of my children

3. I am to model christ to my children

God’s Word tells us that we are to deny ourselves, lay down our cross and follow Jesus. This means we are to look different from the rest of the world. It is my responsibility as a Christian mom to model Christ to my kids.

How would he respond to them? What would he watch? Where would he go? And, how would he speak?

This isn’t always easy to do. And it may not be the coolest thing to do. But each day God’s mercies are new. He gives us all the strength to not only follow Him, but to model Him! And believe me Mama, our kids are watching!

Let’s point them to Jesus, even if it’s not cool!!

3 Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Cool Mom

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