10 Things to Declutter in 10 Minutes

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Do you ever look around your house and think that it would take a week just to make a dent in your decluttering efforts? Who has that kind of time? What if I told you that you can take action on decluttering your home in short spurts every single day? Here are ten things to declutter in 10 minutes. Starting small will help you keep your momentum and get your home decluttered.

Does decluttering your home seem like a daunting task? Here are 10 things you can quickly declutter in 10 minutes. Home organization | decluttering hacks | organization hacks | decluttering your home

Let’s face it, decluttering your home is not something that will happen over night. In reality, home organization is a lifestyle, not just something we do when we are inspired by Pinterest.

Daily decisions that we make can impact how our home looks and feels. Some of these decisions include how we spend our time and how we spend our money.

Am I the only one whose guilty of impulse purchases at Target or binge watching Hallmark channel?

I often tell my kids, “when you say no to one thing, you say yes to another”.

In terms of home declutter ask yourself what you would give up for just 10 minutes to purge things that you don’t need or want anymore. Just 10 minutes!!

Now you may be thinking that you wouldn’t get a whole lot done in that amount of time, but what if I challenge you further to two 10 minute decluttering sessions a day?

That’s 20 minutes a day that would equal 140 minutes of decluttering time in a week.

See how quickly this time would add up? If you’re a busy woman like me, this is probably THE only way we would ever manage to get our home tidy and organized. But, it’s a lifestyle that we have to commit to.

Feel free to add on more things you can think of to declutter in 10 minutes.

How Do I Quickly Declutter My House?

If your don’t have a lot of time to spare, but need to declutter your home, consider these 10 things to declutter in 10 minutes.

1. Junk drawer

If your junk drawer is anything like mine, it is the catch all for everything. I’m talking super glue, erasers, chalk, batteries, pens, lego pieces, and old cell phone chargers (think iPhone 6+) and on and on!

While some of these things are essential, most are not or they’re not in their proper place.

We have 3 of these kind of drawers in our kitchen and I’ve made it a point to keep these drawers clean so we can easily find what we are looking for.

Believe it or not a junk drawer can actually serve a purpose.

how to have a tidy home | quick and easy home declutter

2. Coat closet

Another catch all is the coat closet.

If you live in a state where coats are really only worn about 4 months out of the year like we do, it’s easy for this closet to become where kids sports equipment and the vacuum cleaner live.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Somehow Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, and old bathroom decorations have gotten really cozy in our coat closet.

Again, these are items that no longer serve our family or they are things we will use again but they are not in their proper place.

By decluttering your coat closet, not only will you have a place for winter clothes to be stored away, you can use the space to store non-winter items and access them easily.

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3. Medicine cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is cluttered, chances are there are several things in there that are old and have expired.

But it is important to know what you have when you need it, otherwise, you end up duplicating medicines and end up with 3 bottles of Tylenol.

Having expired medicines is also dangerous because the older your expired meds are, the less potent they become.

This can result in delayed healing and can be detrimental in an emergency situation (think Epi-pen or Benadryl).

By keeping your medicine cabinet decluttered and organized you will be ready when ailments hit.

4. Decorative storage bins

In our efforts to declutter our homes we buy beautiful storage bins and containers to contain the mess. But over time theses bins get cluttered and become desperate for our attention.

The easy thing to do is to just shove more and more in those bins but that doesn’t help our end goal either.

It’s important to make time (like 10 minutes 🙂 ) to clean out the storage bins and use them efficiently like they were intended to when you first purchased them.

5. Desk

I don’t know about you but when my desk (work or home) is a mess, I can’t think and am so much less productive.

It’s hard to focus when things are everywhere and I can’t find what I need.

home office organization | office decluttering hacks

Desk clutter happens quickly. Mail, kid’s school papers, receipts, and other miscellaneous items easily creep onto the desk and before you know it you’ve got piles.

Clear off your desk and begin a system of opening your mail right away and filing important papers or bills in a folder so they will be ready when you need to take care of those things.

When you are done working at your desk, try to leave it clear for the next time you are ready to work again.

Chances are you will be more inclined to actually sit and do your tasks because your work area will be more inviting if left clean.

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more things you can declutter in 10 minutes

6. Book shelves

I am a lover of books, as are my kids. Books can easily take over many areas of my home. But one thing I don’t do is re-read those books.

I can’t remember one time that I’ve actually read a book a second time and yet I still keep them all. No wonder there are books all over my house!

If your book shelves are prone to getting cluttered like mine, go through the ones you absolutely want to keep and make a place for them.

Decide to donate or sell the others you have no desire to hold onto.

Take it a step further and consider going to a digital reading format to reduce book clutter from rearing its ugly head back in your home.

7. Spice cabinet

When the pandemic of 2020 hit and we were all home for long periods of time I decided to use my spare time to clean out the spice cabinet.

I am embarrassed to say that I had so many expired spices in that cabinet. Gross! Not only that but there were about 4 containers of cinnamon in there.

And Tarragon from that one time I needed it in 2017!

Because of that I created a system of cleaning out the spice cabinet every 6 months and tossing the spices that have expired.

This helps so much when it is time to take inventory of what I have when I do the grocery shopping.

So to avoid duplicate purchases of spices (not to mention keeping expired ones around for years), declutter your spice cabinet.

8. Linen closet

The linen is another easy place to get clutter because in our busy days we tend to shove everything in there and close the door.

We feel our house clean is because if we can’t see it, it’s not there. But over time this practice of pushing everything into a “contained” space ends up hurting us in the long run.

When the different storage areas of our home, like the linen closet are streamlined, it’s so much easier to function.

Finding clean towels for our morning shower or fresh bed linens aren’t such a production because they are easily accessible, not hidden behind things that we no longer want or things that aren’t in their proper home.

9. Kitchen counters

This is a big one y’all! Our kitchen typically is the focal point of the home. It is also the gathering place and where most things usually get dumped.

Day after day, things like mail, kids homework, receipts, grocery lists, and more all end up.

kitchen declutter | kitchen organization | declutter kitchen countertops

Oh, our hard-working kitchens!

If left unkept, your kitchen will not be an enjoyable place.

Wile there are many parts to a functional kitchen, for this post we will tackle the countertops.

Not only do we need food to prepare our meals, we need space. And clean tools. That’s hard to do when our counters are covered in clutter.

Or when our sink is piling up with dirty dishes.

If you can, make it a habit to clear off your kitchen counter after meals and before bedtime.

You will be amazed at how you feeling pouring that cup of coffee the next morning. I promise you this will make a world of difference.

10. Cup/Mug cabinet

Last but not least is the cupboard with our 50 different mugs or coffee cups. I know, you probably have a mug for every trip you’ve been on.

I do too. And I get that some may be sentimental, but are they serving you? Or are they in the way?

Now, if you are totally attached to them, you don’t have to get rid of them. Just reassign them a new home. Maybe the garage or a storage bin somewhere else.

If they are slowing you down or taking the place of something else that can lighten the clutter in your home, they got to go.

This list is not the end all however. What other things can you think of to clean out?

Taking the time to look around your house for things that you can declutter in 10 minutes will help keep your clutter reigned in and not so overwhelming.

Before you know it, your home will become more streamlined and the haven you need it to be.


Declutter your home the quick and easy way with these simple home decluttering hacks. Home organization hacks | clutter-free home

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