10 Powerful Prayers to Help With Work Stress

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If you work in any capacity at all, chances are you have experienced job stress. These ten prayers for work stress can help you calm any anxious thoughts and bring you peace of mind. 

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Workplace stress is real and can weigh heavy on our hearts. Many us of juggle work life and family life so we start off with a very full plate. Work related stress is an emotional response that happens when there is increasing tension in the work setting.

The causes of work stress can occur from the heavy pressure of job responsibilities or an unpleasant person causing a toxic workplace.

Work stress can cause us to have anxiety about going to work, or racing thoughts about whether or not we will even get to keep our job. 

I have hope for you today. God wants you to release your burdens to Him in the area of work related situations. 

How do you pray to help with difficult work situations?

Coming to God in prayer in times of need for stressful situations at work will help bring you perfect peace that only comes from Christ Jesus.

While we may not understand it in the middle of a difficult situation, the Holy Spirit is doing a good work in us when we walk through difficult work seasons. His desire is that we yield our lives to Him and let Him change us on the inside.

The more we bring our heaviness to Him the easier it becomes to surrender to Him in times of trouble. 

Pray without ceasing

I Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us to “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”.

Notice it does not say to give thanks in some circumstance, it says all. All is hard to do when you are in a stressful work environment.

But, it clearly says that this is the will of God in Christ Jesus. Suffering is not always easy, but His steadfast love will sustain you.

When you are tempted to run for the hills when the demands of your job are too overwhelming, pray.

And then pray some more. 

Surrender negativity to God in prayer

Negativity is easy to creep in during a stressful period in life. Stressful circumstances at work can skew our outlook on life in general.

We start to feel as if nothing will go right and our situation will never get better. For some, their workplace is like a second home especially if you are there 40 or more hours a week. Often, our team members are like family to us and they know us well.

However, when negative thought patterns are left unchecked, roots of bitterness can quickly settle deep within our heart and we can become quick to lash out at others around us.

Renewing our mind on a daily basis through prayer and God’s word can bring clarity of mind and sweet rest when our souls are weary.

Forgive those who have wronged you

Have you ever been in a situation where you were overlooked or passed up for a promotion? Has someone you work with who you thought you could trust take credit for work that you did?

Or, did someone at work speak to you unkindly or talk about you behind your back? Let me stop here and say how sorry I am that those things happened.

It is so disheartening when you work your tail end off and someone else gets chosen for the job. Or when someone you thought was trustworthy backstabs you.

Here’s the thing, it is completely normal to feel hurt and wronged. But, holding grudges only hurts you. The best way to deal with coworkers or a boss who has wronged you is to pray for them.

It isn’t always easy, I get it. But unforgiveness can stand in the way of you becoming all that God has for you.

I challenge you today, even right now as you read this, to stop and pray for those at work who have done you wrong.  

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What do you pray when stressed at work?

1. Prayer for workplace protection

It seems like each day we hear about violence happening in random places. The evil in our world has caused hearts to grow cold and devalue life.

To give our best, it is important that we feel safe at work from the parking area to our specific work setting.

Pray this prayer over your workplace each day before you head out to your job. 

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would make my place of work an environment that is safe from harm. Put your wall of protection around me and my work setting and keep evil away. Please be my shield of defense and give me divine wisdom to see when the enemy tries to cause fear in my heart. Please reverse any schemes of the devil that may be working to target me and my workplace. I rest under the shadow of your wings, in Jesus’ name. 

2. Prayer for success at work

God desires us to enjoy the work that we do. Our jobs are more than just our livelihood or a paycheck. It is the place he has called us to in the season we are in.

Success at work comes in many forms. It can be a promotion or landing an account you have been wanting. It can be ministering healing to a patient if you are in healthcare like me.

Or it can be mastering a task that you had struggled to learn. Whatever success looks like to you, God wants to be in it.

Pray this prayer to ask God for success at work and in what you put your hands to. 

Dear God, I want to please you in my work. I pray that you would give me the strength to keep up with the demands and duties for my job. Thank you for the gift of work and the ability to do it well. Help me to be successful in all I set my hands to so that you may be glorified. Help me to find solutions to problems that arise and to take on challenges with grit and strength. 

3. Prayer for your work colleagues

We can’t always choose who we work with. Sometimes we don’t always see eye to eye with our work colleagues.

There are times though that they may be walking through a trial you just don’t know about. Maybe their home life is in chaos and they come to work in a bad mood.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that our job can be a mission field in this lost world.

Pray this prayer for your work colleagues because you never know what God might be up to. 

Dear Father, I pray for those who I work with. I pray that you would open opportunities for me to be a blessing to them. Please help me show them the joy of the Lord that I have on the inside so they would want that too. I pray that you would keep them in health and safety and they would proser in all that they do. 

4. Prayer for help at work

The past few years have brought changes to the workforce. Some businesses have struggled to keep workers and those who remain bear the burden of the workload.

Day after day of working this way is exhausting. If you find yourself with a heavy workload and are tired, let me tell you friend I know exactly where you are.

I experienced that working in the hospital during the Covid pandemic.

Or, maybe you have enough staff for the job, but the job right now is just plain overwhelming and you need help from God to carry you though during this work demands.

Pray this prayer when you need help from God for what you are facing at work. 

God, your Word says that you are a very present help in time of need. I pray for the help I need to please my boss and do the work that is expected of me. The workload that I am bearing is heavy right now because we just don’t have enough help. Please bring hard-working and capable people to my workplace. Please give me wisdom when I don’t understand something and lead me to others who do. Remove any confusion that may be hindering me from moving forward with a work project or task. I can do all things by your strength. 

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5. Prayer for hard work decisions

We all need God’s help when making critical work decisions. When people depend on us to do the right thing, it can be overwhelming.

Know that you are not alone in your decision making. God is interested in the choices you have to make and He can give you the wisdom you need to take the right path.

Pray this prayer when you need God’s wisdom for hard work decisions. 

Dear Jesus, I am faced with hard decisions at work. I don’t want to make the wrong choice so I am coming to you with an open heart and mind. Please give me wisdom and insight for the choices I must make. My decisions will impact others and I want to see clearly what I must do. Lead me, God, in the decision I must make. 

6. Prayer for your boss

There are some people who have wonderful bosses. But there are others whose relationship with their boss is strained.

Whatever camp you’re in, praying for your boss can help both of you. When you pray for your boss you are releasing them to God and giving Him control over that relationship, good or bad.

Pray this prayer for your boss and watch God move on your behalf in that relationship. 

Dear Lord Jesus, I lift up my boss to you. I pray that you would bless them and give them strength to lead our team well. Lord, even when I do not agree with my boss, help me to remain respectful and share my view point in a gracious manner that is pleasing to you. Give my boss wisdom to make decisions that will set will set our company up for success. 

7. Prayer for favor at work

Did you know that you can pray for favor in your workplace? I believe that God can open doors for you at work that no man can shut!

And it is perfectly okay to ask this of your Heavenly Father. He is interested in every area of your life, even work.

Pray this prayer to God when you are needing favor at work. Go ahead, ask Him. He is your Father. 

Dear God, I pray that you would give me favor at work. Please let not only the favor of the Lord be on me, but also favor with my boss and my coworkers. Bless the work that I do and help me to advance in my company doing work that is to the best of my abilities and talents. God, please grant me the promotion I have set my eyes on if it be according to your will. 

8. Prayer for friendships at work

Boy do we spend a lot of time at work. Our coworkers can be like a second family (if you are in a healthy work environment) that we see day in and day out.

It can be a lonely experience going through our work day without any friends. Friend, can I tell you that you don’t have to be lonely at work.

It may take a little bravery on your part, but you can do it. Take the first step and put yourself out there with God’s help.

Pray this prayer if you are in need of friendships at work. 

Heavenly Father I pray for quality friendships at work. I pray that you would draw me to others whom I can be a blessing to and create a working relationship of trust and respect. Lord, you know how much time we spend at work, so I pray for good friends that I see often that I can enjoy and ultimately point them to You. Lord, it can be lonely at work sometimes and I desire connections with people I see so frequently. Help me to have confidence to befriend others around me whose company that I enjoy. Thank you for healthy work friendships. 

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9. Prayer to be a Christ-like example

As Christians, wherever we go and whatever we do, we are to represent Christ. Can I be honest with you?

I don’t always get this right. But the good news is that God is faithful to us, even when we don’t always reflect Him.

Did you know that you may be the only Jesus your coworkers will ever see? That’s right, He can use you just by you showing up to work.

Make this your prayer that God will help you set a Christ-like example for those who cross your path in the workplace. 

Lord, help me to remember that I represent You in all I do at work. Please let my coworkers see You in me. Help me to remember that the things I say and do and the decisions I made are an example of your love and mercy. Forgive me when I don’t always get this right. It is easy to fall into my natural human tendencies. Help me to be quick to repent and to be mindful that others are watching and they long to see the fruit of my relationship with You. 

10. Prayer for integrity at work

Growing up, a teacher of mine would say, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching”.

It is being honest and holding firm to your moral standards even if you stand alone.

It’s easy to go with the flow of what everyone else is doing, but if you have a conviction in your heart, stop and listen. That could very well be the Holy Spirit putting a check mark in your heart that you need to rethink your actions.

Pray this prayer when you need to maintain integrity at work. 

Lord, when I am faced with temptation to rush at work and cut corners the way others may, help me to remember that I am called to work in a way that pleases you. Help me to have integrity in my work and character. Help me also to be resourceful and be mindful to use the tools and equipment that belongs to my company in a respectful way. Please help me to recognize when I am being wasteful or careless with the company’s resources and supplies. 

Work stress does not have to cause overwhelming anxiety and frustration. Knowing how to manage work challenges through prayer is what will get through the most difficult times. The power of prayer can help you with your work problems and turn your situation around. I hope that these prayers will bless you and that the peace of God would give you a sound mind as you go about your work. 

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